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Story Description for Quest: The Revealing

Quest: The Revealing

In Quest: The Journey, Keira, Killian, Bryn and Connor were sent on a journey to find Keira’s kidnapped soulmate. They make it to her estranged aunt’s village, but nothing is as they expected. Keira’s aunt greets them warmly and tells a much different side of the story. Now, armed with more secrets and truths than Keira can make sense of, she must decide which side to stand on. Does she stay loyal to the people who raised her, her mother and her Uncle Shamus? Or does she side with the father Keira believed to be dead and put her trust in the woman who tried to kill her when she was just an infant? Whatever decision she makes will decide not only her fate, but the fate of her three closest friends as well. The only thing she knows for sure is war is coming.

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