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Yay, Coffee, Yay Yay

I know, I know. This is a blog and I’m supposed to write words here. Many words that are important and life-changing and…yeah, well. I’m busy writing words on the laptop for Quest so I’m posting a picture of my favorite coffee shop, Temple News Agency, instead. They have amazing pretzels here, too. The garlic Parmesan pretzel I just ate was amazing enough to be life-changing. Enjoy your Saturday! 

Finally Friday…

Good morning! I hope everyone had a chance to download a free copy of Quest:The Journey. I’m looking forward to all the awesome art I know is coming for the cover art contest. I will be sharing a sneak peek of the first chapter in Quest:The Revealing sometime next week. Have a great Friday everyone!

The Final Days Are Upon Us!

Okay, not really. Or maybe they are, but I know nothing of it. What I do know is today is May 5th and for my world that means two things. One – tacos for lunch. Two – it is the last day this month to download your free copy of Quest: The Journey. So if you haven’t done so yet, head over to Amazon before the end of the day. You’ll want the first in the trilogy, especially if you plan to enter the cover art contest for the second book!

Cover Design Contest

Cover Art Contest

Submit your artwork for a chance to be chosen as the cover design for Quest: The Revealing (Vol. 2). The chosen one will have their artwork featured as the cover of the second book in the Quest Trilogy and receive a signed, printed copy when released.

Technical Details:

Entry Period…May 1, 2016 through July 31, 2016

Dimensions – 10”x15” at 350 dpi

Acceptable formats are .psd – .ai – .jpg – .tiff – .png –

Legal Details:

The winner must be willing to sign a release form that gives me, R.A. McCaulley, the right to use and modify the artwork as needed for promotion, advertising and the cover. It will not give me the copyright, just unlimited usage rights.

Winners will be announced on *** August 3, 2016 ***
Send your submissions to

Free eBook

If you haven’t read the first part of the story yet, go to from today through Thursday, May 5, to download your free Quest: The Journey eBook. The eBook will be free the first five days each month of the contest, so if you miss this download session you’ll have another chance to get it the beginning of June and July.

Cover design for the first book and synopsis can also be found there.

Remember to like my Facebook page or follow my website for updates on the contest and the second book in the Quest Trilogy.

A description of Quest: The Revealing and sneak peek of the first chapter will be coming soon!