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It’s Finally Here!

Quest_The_Journey_Cover_for_Kindlejpg (1)

So those of you who read the excerpt posts from Quest: The Journey will (hopefully) be pleased to know the entire book is now live at:

You can purchase it in digital format or check it out through the kindle lending library if you’re a member. And if you’d like to read a little longer of a preview, check out:

CreateSpace is also where those of you who still prefer that book smell can pick up a paperback:

Happy reading and sweet dreams 🙂

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These Things I Say 

You ask me if I seek love and the words drip from your poisoned tongue like acid.
But what is love to me?
If I was to look on one I could love, I would cut out his eyes,
Because the eyes always hold such allure for me.
I would cut out his tongue,
So he could not spin me sugar and lies.
I would cut off his hands,
So his touch could not linger on my skin or in my mind.
I would cut off his feet,
So he could not chase my affection.
I know what love is.
Love is weakness, love is betrayal.
I am not these things.
Love is cruel, love is unyielding, love lives only in our own construction.

Show me companionship and I will sit beside you for hours.
Show me compassion and I will hold your hand for days.
Show me honesty and I will stand beside you for years.
Show me forgiveness and I will be yours for eternity.
These things are enduring. These things, I can be.

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