Decisions – fuck ’em

You know the decision memes…the ones that lead to a yes or no answer and then a simple solution? It occurs to me that is really all it has to be. Map it out, then solve it and stick with it. Put it to rest. Everything has a solution and sometimes the solution is that there is nothing you can do about it. Roll with it. Make the best. Not everything is in your control and the sooner you realize it the happier you will be. For those things you can do nothing to change…you’re not supposed to. Perhaps it’s simply not for you. Ride it out, enjoy it while it lasts, then let it go. Que cera. There’s something else for you. There’s always something else. Another path, another person, another lifestyle. Don’t force what doesn’t work, what you don’t really feel. Something else will reveal itself. And you will be more glorious than ever.

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