Smile. You are further ahead today than you were yesterday. Even if you did not a single thing to move forward, it’s true. Because we can never truly sit still, time always moves us on. So even if all you did was float along on the seconds and minutes of the day, you are further ahead than you were yesterday. Don’t worry if you didn’t accomplish anything noteworthy, if you didn’t make any great strides toward your ultimate goals. Because soon, the silent pools will turn into rapids. And then you’ll pull up your rested strength. You will be prepared to not just ride the rapids, but to navigate them. When you come to a fork you, not the current, will decide which way you go. And if you should reach a waterfall, it will be your stroke that launches you through the air and the spray to a new situation. So it’s okay to float today. Because tomorrow, well, tomorrow you’re going to make this river your bitch. 😉

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