Random Thought of the Day

People always want to say it is in our nature to fear what is different. That’s not true. It is in our nature to fear what is dangerous – that is basic survival instinct, but we cannot insist that ‘different’ and ‘dangerous’ are defined the same. We also have an instinctual curiosity that pushes us to explore the world around us and we are not, by definition, curious of what we know, we are instead curious of what is different. Which is to say instinctively we seek out what is different, the exact opposite of what we do when we are afraid of something. It is not in our nature to fear what is different, quite the opposite. It is in our nature to explore what is different. Fearing what is different is a learned behavior and, fortunately, it is never too late to reject mistaken lessons.

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I walk with giants.
I move among beasts.
Some days I think that I am one of them.
But which I rarely ever know.
I look into the mirror glass
Is this me that stares back?
Come look, cheek to cheek
You are there, oh so clear, but
Look a little closer darling
If you dare.
Tell me what it is that you see.
For I fear I have forgot me.
Through these hallowed halls I travel.
Ghosts before me, ghosts behind me.
Am I chased? Or propelled?
A shadow walks before me, but
the position of the sun eludes me.
And here I wander
And whose company I will keep
Remains to be determined by
The counsel of your keep.

These Things I Say

You ask me if I seek love and the words drip from your poisoned tongue like acid.
But what is love to me?
If I was to look on one I could love
I would cut out his eyes,
Because the eyes hold such allure for me.
I would cut out his tongue,
So he could not spin me sugar and lies.
I would cut off his hands,
So his touch could not linger on my skin or in my mind.
I would cut off his feet,
So he could not chase my affection.
I know what love is.
Love is weakness, love is betrayal.
I am not these things.
Love is cruel, love is unyielding, love lives only in our own construction.

Show me companionship and I will sit beside you for hours.
Show me compassion and I will hold your hand for days.
Show me honesty and I will stand beside you for years.
Show me forgiveness and I will be yours for eternity.

These things are enduring.
These things, I can be.

Story Description for Quest: The Revealing

Quest: The Revealing

In Quest: The Journey, Keira, Killian, Bryn and Connor were sent on a journey to find Keira’s kidnapped soulmate. They make it to her estranged aunt’s village, but nothing is as they expected. Keira’s aunt greets them warmly and tells a much different side of the story. Now, armed with more secrets and truths than Keira can make sense of, she must decide which side to stand on. Does she stay loyal to the people who raised her, her mother and her Uncle Shamus? Or does she side with the father Keira believed to be dead and put her trust in the woman who tried to kill her when she was just an infant? Whatever decision she makes will decide not only her fate, but the fate of her three closest friends as well. The only thing she knows for sure is war is coming.

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It’s getting close!

If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration for the Cover Art Contest, there are new pins up on the Quest board at https://www.pinterest.com/ramcc28/quest-idea-board/
There are just five more days to get your entries in!

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Cover Art Contest Countdown!

There are 11 more days to get your design for the cover of Quest: The Revealing in. All of the details for the contest and submitting can be found in the pinned post at https://www.facebook.com/ramccaulley/ right at the top of the page. Any questions at all, please post here, on my Facebook author page, or send them to questtrilogy@gmail.com.

I have seen some awesome designs so far and can not wait to see the rest of the submissions.

Good Luck!

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It’s free…again…and then one more time

Two days into summer vacation and I’ve already lost track of the date! As of yesterday, Quest: The Journey is downloadable for free athttps://www.amazon.com/Quest-Journey-R-McCaull…/…/B013QE0QW8

Click the link here or the shop now button above to get to it. The eBook will be free through June 5th and then again the first five days of July.

If you’re entering the Cover Art Contest, you’ll want to grab a copy. Also, check out the Quest Idea Boardhttps://www.pinterest.com/ramcc28/quest-idea-board/
if you’re looking for inspiration.

Yay, Coffee, Yay Yay

I know, I know. This is a blog and I’m supposed to write words here. Many words that are important and life-changing and…yeah, well. I’m busy writing words on the laptop for Quest so I’m posting a picture of my favorite coffee shop, Temple News Agency, instead. They have amazing pretzels here, too. The garlic Parmesan pretzel I just ate was amazing enough to be life-changing. Enjoy your Saturday! 

Finally Friday…

Good morning! I hope everyone had a chance to download a free copy of Quest:The Journey. I’m looking forward to all the awesome art I know is coming for the cover art contest. I will be sharing a sneak peek of the first chapter in Quest:The Revealing sometime next week. Have a great Friday everyone!

The Final Days Are Upon Us!

Okay, not really. Or maybe they are, but I know nothing of it. What I do know is today is May 5th and for my world that means two things. One – tacos for lunch. Two – it is the last day this month to download your free copy of Quest: The Journey. So if you haven’t done so yet, head over to Amazon before the end of the day. You’ll want the first in the trilogy, especially if you plan to enter the cover art contest for the second book! http://www.amazon.com/Quest-Journey-R-McCaulley-ebook/dp/B013QE0QW8